Terms of service

 1. About Pasqal

  • The company Palfelt Group which is the owner of the brand Pasqal is seated in Ljungby, Sverige.
  • Palfelt Group corporate-number SE9007162754
  • If you wish to be in contact with us, please do not hesitate to email us on info@pasqalwatches.com with your inquiries and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Do not forget to include your contact information.

       2. Order

  • Once your order is complete, a confirmation will be sent to you by your given email. In this Confirmation email you will find all relevant information such as product, price, invoicing- and delivery adress.
  • If you find any errors or mistakes in the Confirmation email, contact us as soon as possible at: info@pasqalwatches.com

       3.  Delivery

  • Our normal delivery times are 2-5 days. Disclaimer! Orders placed during the weekend will not be sent until the Monday after.
  • If delays in the shipment would occur (unless you have been contacted by us that a delay will occur) please contact us as soon as possible at: info@pasqalwatches.com

       4.  Pricing

  • All prices in the “Global” store is in EUR. All EU orders have 25% VAT included.
  • No matter the size of the order we will always have free delivery.
  • We deliver our products with incoterm DDU ( Delivered Duty Unpaid ) which means that we are not responsible for any VAT or additional taxes when we ship outside the EU.

  • We reserve for changes in the prices due to changed pricing from our supplier, typos in the pricing lists or to wrong pricing in general due to wrongful information and reserves the right to adjust the price.

       5.   Right to withdrawal

  •  When a purchase is made through our website there is a law that indicates a right to withdrawal within 14 days of delivery of your purchased item. We at Pasqal have extended that time to up to 30 days.                

            5.1 When using your right to withdrawal: 

  • You have to contact us that you would like to return your item at info@pasqalwatches.com. Your message have to include Name, adress, email, order-number and what items are to be returned.
  • You should immediately, and within 30 days from sending your message, send the item back to us
  • You will have to pay for shipping when returning your item. And should therefore be wrapped well in it’s original packaging.
  • When returning your item we reserve the right to not pay out full price. Because of misused or damaged product.   

             5.2 The right to withdrawal does not include:

  •  Where the seal has been broken by you.
  •  If you have purchased a customized product that has been tailored for you specifically.
  •  Service that has been completed and signed with your approval to proceed without the right to withdrawal.

       6.   Reclaim and warranty

  • We check all items before shipping them out to you. If the product turns out to be damaged or delivered to the wrong adress, we take on responsibility to adjust the mistake free of charge.
  • You will always have to contact us for an approval before sending back a defected product.
  • Your complaint has to be sent right away when the defect is observed to info@pasqalwatches.com
  • We have a 2 year warranty on our automatic watches. The warranty only include factory defects and does not include damage made by the costumer.


            6.1 What should I do in case of a warranty issue?

  • At first sight of a potential flaw/defect in the product, immediately contact us at info@pasqalwatches.com make sure to include name, adress, email, order number and a short description of the issue.
  •  In the unlikely event that we by any means can not correct the flaw in your product, you will either be payed back in ful or have a new item shipped to you, free of charge.
  • We reserve the right to decline a reclaim if it turns out the damages on the item is not included in the government authorized list of reclaims.

       7.   Responsibility limitations 

  • We take no responsibility in indirect damage made from the product.
  • No responsibility will be taken in the event of changes to the product has been made by the supplier, outside of our jurisdiction.

       8.   Product information

  • We reserve the right to change eventual typos in the text on the website and the event that all products in stock will be sold out. We do not guarantee that the images shown is an exact representation of the product. Quality and lighting are just a few things that can slightly alternate the appearance of the product. We always try to show a truthful image of the products as possible.

       9.   Information on Cookies

  • The law states that all visitors on the website have to get the information that cookies are used.

       10.   Personal information

  • When purchasing from Pasqal you accept our data protection policy and our use of your personal information. We do not save more information than necessary to complete your order. We do not share your information with a third party, except if it happens to be a legal matter.
  • Pasqal takes responsibility for the personal information you provide us with. You information will be used by us to complete your order, send out newsletters or offers. To send out relevant information for you.
  • Down here you can read how we, in accordance with GDPR, save and treat your personal information.

           10.1   What is personal data?

  • Personal data is all information, which directly or indirectly can be connected to a physical person.

           10.2   What information do we store?

  • Enough to be able to answer your potential questions regarding your orders. Such as first- and surname, adress, phone number, email, ip-adress and purchase history.
  • Your information will be stored as long as it it necessary according to our accounting laws.

           10.3 Legal basis

  • When purchasing your product, your information will be used to fulfill the agreement.
  • Marketing, campaigns and other related information are sent with your consent.

            10.4 What information is shared and why?

            10.4.1 Payment provider

  • We share your information with the payment provider when a purchase is made. The information we share and store are first- and surname, adress, email and phone number. Your social security number is saved by the Payment Provider. We save this information to be able to fulfill the purchase and to secure all involved of eventual fraud.
  • Our Payment providers are: Direct payment, Klarna.

            10.4.2 Shipping

  • To be able to deliver your product, we do need to share selected information with the shipping companies. The information that is shared with the companies are first- and surname and your adress. Sometimes email and phone number can also be shared so you can get a notification about your order.
  • The shipping companies we work with are: Postnord, DHL, UPS & Fedex

            10.4.3 Newsletters

  • If you have chosen to subscribe to our newsletter, fist- and surname, and email are shared. This is so you can get all the relevant information on offers.

            10.5 Right to access of personal information

  • You have the right to know all the information on that, that is stored with us. Sent to you by email in a readable format.

            10.6 Right to correction

  • You have the right to ask us to update or change the information we have stored on you if it is wrong.

            10.7 Right to be deleted

  • Whenever you like you can ask us to delete all the available information we have saved on you. There are a few exceptions. For example to fulfill a legal obligation (Like our laws on invoicing)

            10.8 Responsible for data protection

  • Palfelt Group who leads and runs the brand Pasqal, is responsible for storing and using your personal information on the website, and makes sure the laws are followed.

            10.9 How do we protect your personal information?

  •  We use industrial standards like SSL/TLS and one-way hash-algorithms to store, treat and share sensitive data like personal information and passwords.
  • We use a Swedish based platform called Quickbutik, which is run by Quickbutik AB, located in Helsingborg, Sweden.

       11.   Changes in Terms and Conditions

  • We reserve the right to whenever make changes in the terms & conditions. All changes will be published on the website.

       12.   Dispute and choice of law

  • In case an unsolvable dispute between Pasqal and costumer would occur. You as a costumer has to contact http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr
  • If a dispute would happen, we will follow ARNs (or other relevant authority) guidelines to solve the current issue.
  • A dispute regarding the interpretation of these terms and conditions will result in the interpretation of Swedish law.

       13.   Contact details 

  • Pasqal Watches / Palfelt Group is located in Ljungby, Sweden.
  • E-mail: Info@pasqalwatches.com
  • Adress: Tutaryd Gnustorp 10, SE-34191